Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three Things I Want to Learn

As is obvious by the date of my last post, I have been absolutely horrible about blogging. I thought about giving up on it, but after some consideration, I decided instead of giving up I was going to try to dive back in with, well maybe not gusto, but at least with a concerted effort.

And, because they are both so awesome, Bronwyn Green and Jess Jarman are letting me tag along on their tandem blogging adventure.  This week the topic is Three Things I Want to Learn; you can read Bronwyn’s post here and Jess’ here.

1.  The first thing I want to learn is to make my own pasta.  I’ve seen people make it on cooking shows and it looks like something I could do, but I have yet to get up the courage to try it. I have a feeling its one of those things that looks deceptively easy, but will be a real bugger to actually do.

2.  Learn to speak Italian.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit Italy twice over the years, and I think the Italian language is just beautiful.  It’s amazing how much one year of high school Latin can help you get around, but it’s nothing like being fluent in Italian.

3.  I would love to learn how to re-finish/paint furniture so that it doesn’t look like a five year old did it. In particular, I have this old hutch that is currently stained dark brown and I would like to re-finish it in a light blue, sort of distressed look. Very shabby chic, I think. It would be one less piece of oppressive furniture in my house, that's for sure.

What about you?  Anything new you're dying to learn? 


  1. Oooohhh - I know the hutch you mean. That would look very cool as a light blue! Also, I want to come over and watch you make pasta. :D

  2. Pasta is easier than you think. Granted, because I roll out by hand, I've been limited to rolling out lasagna noodles and raviolis. It is so good though and worth the effort, I think.

    Welcome to the Wed blogging fun. So glad you joined us in this, Leigh!