Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Do You Keep In There?

This week's Wednesday blog takes us on a different kind of adventure.  Bronwyn Green, Jess Jarman and I are sharing a bit of ourselves on the topic of what we keep in our bags/purses.  Check out Bronwyn's post here and Jess' here.

I admit I don't usually carry a lot in my purse, but I have a few essentials.  And the most important starting point is, of course, the bag itself.  This is my "I hate winter so I'm going to buy this purse to cheer myself up" purse. I love it.  Isn't it such a fun, springy color?

So, what do I keep in there?  The essentials to start with, of course...wallet, sunglasses.

And, because I'm a good little writer, I always carry a notebook and pen. And these are the only pens I use.  I'm a pen snob.

The next items are my awesome Bronwyn promo/swag. If you see her at a book signing, hit her up...they are both fantastic.

I'm obsessed with chapstick, I have some everywhere so of course I have a tube in my purse.  I always use Burt's Bees, I swear by it.

Okay, two items left.  Below is the most useful thing I carry.  It was a gift from my dad years ago and it is in my absolute favorite color. It's not a very good picture color wise, but it's purple.

And last but not least, my keys (on top of my winter hat).  I'm including them here even though they don't always make into my bag because, yes, that's a TARDIS. It is actually an LED flashlight and it's dead helpful. And I love it when I have my keys out somewhere and people notice the TARDIS and comment on it. Fellow Whovians.  :)

So that's what you might find in my bag. What about you? Anything you can't leave home without?

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  1. I love that key chain. :D My Swiss army knife isn't nearly as cool as yours! That's a great idea to keep it in your purse though.