Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If I Had a Million Dollars (If I Had a Million Dollars)...

Please tell me someone else thought of the Barenaked Ladies, too.

Anywho, today's Wednesday Randomness blog topic is...The First Five Things I'd Buy if I Had a Million Dollars.

I could go all noble on this and help others, and I would do some of that for sure, but I'm going to focus on the material aspect here, people. Just assume I also do good for others. :)

First, a new house. I don't need a huge, multi-million dollar house. Who would want to clean that? I would like more than one bathroom (preferable with a huge, free-standing, amazing tub), a fireplace, and a nice size kitchen with an island and an oven in the wall. I've always wanted an oven in the wall. I think I can get a house that has these things for a relatively reasonable price. Oh, and a two-stall attached garage. Especially if the house is still in Michigan.

A weeks long trip to Europe for two. I'd hit all the big places and make my waty from the U.K. to Eastern Europe.

Maybe a new car. My car isn't old and I like it fine, but I gave up something with 4-wheel drive and I'd kind of like to have that back. And heated seats. I REALLY missed my heated seats this past winter.

A top of the line Mac. A nice desktop to go along with my laptop so I'm not always typing on a 13" screen.

Okay, that's four, but that's all I can really come up with. I'm sure there are other, smaller things, but nothing significant, so I'm sticking with four.

So, that's what I would do if I won a million dollars. Click below to see what the other Wednesday Ladies would buy.


  1. Hey! Norris went with BNL, too! :D

    Totally assuming you do good for others. :D I'm noticing a theme, here. None of us are terribly extravagant.

  2. No we aren't. Like I told Jess, deep down I think we're all really practical, which is kind of scary. We're supposed to be wild and crazy writers . . . and yeah none of us are. LOL